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Getting Back in the Dating Scene? Three Ways to Make Your Dating Profile Appealing


If you are divorced, widowed, or have been out of the dating pool for a long period of time for other reasons like your career or raising your family as a single parent, then getting back into the swing of meeting people can be notoriously daunting. However, with online dating, it is now really easy to meet people who are interested in dating singles just like you, and there are even sites like Loveawake.com aimed specifically at more mature people (usually aged 40 and over) who may be looking for love or dating fun after being out of ‘the game’ for a lot of time – so you can meet people who are experiencing similar feelings as you!


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Starting out with online dating is really as simple as choosing a site and creating a profile. After that you can set about searching for people you might like to message, or waiting for people to find your profile interesting from their own searches and message you. There’s no real etiquette about who should contact first, but whether you have messaged a nice potential match or they’ve found you in a search, they’re going to be deciding if you appeal to them based on your profile, so you need to make sure it represents your personality in the best light, and gives a positive feel.

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Choose Positive Language

No matter how you feel about life at the moment, always use positive language in your profile and choose positive topics – list things you like and things you would like another people to have. Also, avoid sounding aggressive or hard to talk to. Definitely avoid adding any kind of statements like ‘don’t bother contacting me if you’re only after one thing’ – even if the sentiment is true it makes you sound like you’re judging the reader without knowing anything about them and makes you sound unappealing.

Whether you are witty and adventurous or quiet and thoughtful, you’ll find people who like the way you are only if you are true to yourself however it is important no matter what to look approachable and appealing at first glance.

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Positive Photos

You absolutely need to download positive and up to date photos. People generally scroll straight past profiles without photos and saying you’ll provide photos on request can seem arrogant, like you expect them to jump through a hoop before discovering what you even look like, and that is off putting. You should use a recent and natural photo (that is, not Photoshopped or heavily filtered). Choose a couple of photos you like where you look your best, but anything not entirely honest (for instance an old photo where you look younger or slimmer than you do now, or one that’s been edited to create that effect). Don’t deceive, neither yourself nor other people.



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Smile In Photos

When choosing photos, always make sure you are smiling and looking at the camera. This immediately makes you look friendly and positive. You’re not trying to appeal to emo teenagers, so definitely don’t go for a ‘brooding’ look in your pictures!





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